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The stairclimber combines the function of a stacking truck with the special requirements of transport on stairs.

This stairclimber has two chains coated with special non-sliding rubber, whihc ensures safe hold on steps of every material, even when they are wet. The use of the chains provides very smooth handling on stiars, without regard to the kind of steps. The creeper chains are guided laterally so that they will not slip off even under heavy turns.

The stair climber is equipped with two pairs of handles which ensure and ergonomic posture at any time. The height-adjustable handles are for the use of the stairclimber as a normal stacking truck, the swivelling handles are for the use of transport on stairs. A switch at the end of the hanldes activates the crawle drive.

Caterpillar action on the stairclimber
Stairclimber The stairclimber is made of a firm aluminium steel sheet construction with low own weight.

The standard version of the stairclimber is equipped with a double shovel, the foldable tubular shovel of which is suitable for lifting heavy bulky goods.

The pneumatic wheels with shock-proof plastic rim show low rolling resistance. The wheel hubs are equipped with two water-proof and maintenance-free ball bearings each.

Battery driven stairclimber/hand truck, handles heavy loads up and down stairs at walking speeds.
Aluminium construction.
Choice of standard Expresso foot-irons.
Height adjustable for user comfort, both handles house forward and reverse switches.
Non-slip metal reinforced crawler belts.
Battery and charger supplied, can be adapted for in-vehicle charging.
Large pneumatic tyres.

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