Mission Statement

Our benchmark We intend to provide unsurpassed service together with high-end results through our employees.

Constantly striving toward premier status in the markets of our own choice, in continual partnership with our clients, sales-partners and suppliers, to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction, efficiency, quality and profitability.

To be the best independent manufacturer of special welded steel fabrications, workbenches, trolleys, steel pallets and stillages, cages and racks. To be the best supplier of handling systems, storage equipment and partitions

For over 20 years we have been one of the principal manufacturers of our type of product in Scotland

That role remains essential to our survival as we steady ourselves for the increasing influence of Europe. We recognise the importance of safety, health and environmental issues and seek to improve performance against the background of technological, competitive and market changes at international, national and regional level.

Our Mission, Objectives and Strategies are continually reviewed to ensure that we provide the best for our company, our employees, our suppliers, our distributors, sales-partners and our clients and in order that we achieve the highest standard of excellence.


The specific elements of success that must be achieved in order to fulfil the Mission are based on strategic emphasis in the fundamental areas of:

Customer Satisfaction - Our clients are our lifeline
The service we offer will be reflected in the amount of further business we receive. By putting the customer first we show that we care. We care because we need to survive. We will work hard with our clients, we will listen, act and respond to their changing needs. We will be polite and courteous to our clients at all times with professionalism, genuine conviction, honesty and integrity.

Business Excellence

From the point where we lift the phone and identify our clients' requirements, to the point at which we say thanks very much, job done, we will use and apply our best ideas, systems, processes, equipment and standards. We will continually invest in our business to maintain and better our work practices year on year.

Employee Satisfaction

Lifetime learning - to assist and encourage our employees to acquire the professional knowledge, values, expertise, understanding, co-operation and communication skills they require throughout their lifetimes. To allow them the opportunities to advance their careers and to develop fully their own potential. We must encourage our people to continually re-invent themselves and upgrade their workings so that they are always the latest, fastest and sleekest model.

Product Quality

Throughout the order process and then from the point where the goods leave the factory to the time the goods arrive at the clients’ door and far into the product’s working life we have a duty of care to that product and client. Maintaining the manufactured quality of our products is paramount and we will strive to prevent defects and bad workmanship through a continual quality monitoring and recording process.


To maintain or increase our level of profitability in order to adhere to our investment strategies with respect to factory machinery, processes, production equipment and tools of the trade.


The courses of action to meet the objectives are:

Client focus and service
Directly and also through a carefully selected regional distributor network, we will identify and be responsive to the needs of all distributors, sales-partners and clients. We will develop an enlarged and improved range of services of perceived value to clients, thus increasing the financial contribution to the Company.

Human assets

We will recruit and retain high quality staff by offering challenging responsibilities on an equal opportunity basis. A reward for work system will be determined which recognises individual involvement. We will oversee that all departments are staffed with persons of high quality, credibility and with the appropriate relevant experience.


The Company will promote its reputation by enthusiastic and consistent though fairly inexpensive marketing and publicity methods.

Education and learning

We will implement plans to offer opportunities for employees’ further education, learning, information and personal networking.

External relations

The Company will continue to develop and strengthen its relations with trade suppliers, relevant professional bodies and trade associations.


Enhancing our financial standing by selling and producing more of our products to our chosen markets is in the middle of the rudimentary critical path. We will make our clients fully aware that we are a profit making organisation and not operating as an organisation with charitable status. We will aim to be competitive and will adjust our prices up or down if necessary but not to such extent that it harms the product quality or our life expectancy.

Information technology

The Company will increase its use of the World Wide Web, electronic communications and integrated systems in order to achieve a strategic business and technology alignment. We will also increase our inventive intelligence and knowledge capture, and use appropriate technology, jargon and overused expressions to improve the effectiveness of its organisation and reduce the costs of administration.

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